Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

Our Goal is to assist companies in managing the reduction of costs associated with Workers’ Compensation cases.

Oncidium’s team of licensed lawyers and paralegals, have a demonstrated 20+ year history of success in legislative compliance, workers' compensation risk management, and cost containmentfor their clients right across Canada.  

We have consistently had a significant impact on historic, current and future claim costs for our Clients, representing millions of dollars in NEER (Ontario) and provincial financial cost savings.

Our team of worker’s compensation Professionals develops (and maintains) close relationships with our Clients through consistent communication, ensuring that they are kept apprised of any changes in legislative compliance requirements.

Our Services:

• Professional consulting services for all workers compensation matters across Canada including through our affiliate office in Quebec.

• Professional Claims Management – Injury to Return to Work (RTW).

• Specialty services in accommodation and RTW management.

• Representation at Board, Tribunal, Appeals, Provincial Offenses.

• NEER Evaluations, Classifications, Audit, Rate Review, Reduction and Recovery.

• Training and Education Sessions.

• Claims Investigations.

• Professional Surveillance Services.

We Track: We measure the prevalence and frequency of workplace absence.

We Analyze: We review the Employer’s policy to better understand the factors leading to intermittent and chronic absence.

We Improve: We implement a functional/medical model tailored to our client's disability policy to reduce loss due to workplace absence.

A Closer Look

Occupational Injury Claim Submission & Management:

(Initial evaluation and Employer Accident Report submission)

Occupational Injury Case Management Consulting:

(Continuing claims management)

Consulting and Appeals:

(Oncidium Claims Specialists have participated in over 500 appeal cases before the Appeals Branches of various Workers Compensation Boards/Commissions and Appeals Tribunals)

Training and Educational Sessions:

(Claims Training, Claims Management best practices, RTW processes, new legislative changes)