Absence Management

Our Goal is to contain the cost of Absence by returning healthy Employees to work faster.

Through our hands-on approach, our qualified Team of Professionals are able to provide clients with an integrated, (functional/medical based), cost effective solution to absence management.

Unlike our competition largely comprised of administrators, OUR approach promotes prevention through the use of ALL of our resources: Nurse Case Managers, Physicians, Rehabilitation Experts, Accommodation Experts, and Return to Work Coordinators, offering around the clock care to educate and heal your Employees for their safe and successful return to work —

We Track: We measure the prevalence and frequency of workplace absence.

We Analyze: We review the Employer’s policy to better understand the factors leading to intermittent and chronic absence.

We Improve: We implement a functional/medical model tailored to our client's disability policy to reduce loss due to workplace absence.

A Closer Look

Casual Absence Case Management:

By identifying the root cause, through predictive analytics, Employers can help their Employees with their short term health concerns before these concerns become chronic, and affect absence. Forecasting company-specific future health trends and disability we'll assist HR in directing resources to areas of greatest impact. The result is healthier Employees, decreased disability along with improved productivity.

Medical - Abilities Model Approach:

A function-based model that uses evidence based data, medical information that supports existing disabilities. Our Nurse Case Managers then determine the appropriate duration of disability based on current medical evidence and guidelines. Our Accomodation strategy achieves maximum results by utilizing   illness- specific rehabilitative work plans, structured/gradual ‘Return to Work’ plans, as well as
‘Work Hardening’ programs, on an abilities based model.

Complex Case Management:

Focused on individuals that require the most assistance — Our complex case management strategies help those Employees impacted by complex medical concerns, requiring multiple platforms to successfully return to work, and ultimately, improve their quality of life…

Our methodology is supported by the highest standards of professional quality, integrity and technology in order to  impact -both Human & Financial resources , while using a collaborative approach built on communication and commitment.