Our Goal is to promote positive change through education, motivation and social support, allowing people to adopt and maintain good health…

Most of us spend the majority of our waking lives at work, which makes it a prime location to promote -and educate- each other about the benefits of healthy living this includes: Disease management, health education as well as health maintenance. From a corporate perspective, there are advantages to promoting and educating health and wellness to your Employees — The reduction of health care related costs being at the forefront. Healthy Employees have lower health risks, which leads to less chronic disease, which reduces associated costs.

Our Services

Oncidium works directly with the Employer through collaborative partnerships to assess their occupational health care needs, as well as provide consultation and support, ensuring that the action plans set forth are achieved with maximum benefit. Our Team of dedicated Professionals can help both Employers and Employees achieve their collective objectives.

A Closer Look

We Offer:

  • On-Site Nursing services
  • On-Site Physician Staffing
  • HR Policy reviews
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Mental Health
  • Health and Wellness Promotion
  • Sustance abuse program
  • Marijuana in the Workplace’ Seminars
  • Safety (use of equipment and machinery)
  • Absence/Attendance and Performance
  • Immunization Programs
  • Hearing Conversation Program including Audiometric Evaluations
  • Respirator Fitness Program including Pulmonary Function Evaluations and Mask Fit Evaluations
  • Designated Substance Monitoring